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independently r&d! sunrui marine lng fgss grand news conference
2021-11-08 13:49:00

on sept. 27th, sunrui held the 2021 technical conference of lng powered vessels and sunrui gaslink™ fgss product launch, and announced the independently developed product – the gaslink™ marine lng fgss.

hundreds of well-known owners, shipyards, classes, design institutes and other sunrui partners attended the conference. the secretary of the party committee of the sunrui group mr. li ka made the opening greetings; the vice executive secretary of china ship owner association mr. huang shu and the director of cssc maritime work mr. wang yongliang made the speech respectively; and the deputy director of the sunrui group attended the conference.

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as the international trend of green development continues, the low-carbon and environmentally friendly ship type - lng (liquefied natural gas) powered vessels are increasingly getting more attentions from worldwide owners. however, the core section of lng powered vessels – the fgss, has been monopolized by a few suppliers for years.

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sunrui started to build our own professional team in 2017, and launched the gaslink™ marine lng fgss through independent research and development on sept. 2021. during this period, sunrui low-pressure fgss is the first system granted lr aip certificate in china; sunrui created the first simulation platform for fgss in china – the gaslink™ simulation platform; the success of our land based prototype test was witnessed by dnv, lr, and nk, and the result showed that our gaslink™ simulation satisfied all class regulation requirements and fully qualified for real ship application. on sept. 27th, the general manager mr. fu hongtian was awarded the statement of fact certificates from dnv, nk, and lr.

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during the conference, the guests have discussed the green energy development tendency of lng powered vessels, the industry policies worldwide, and the advanced technologies in the lng industry; listened the development history of sunrui fgss, the explanation of core section, and summary of system advantages; visited the gaslink™ fgss land based prototype test and viewed the whole system operation process. at the end of conference, all guests spoke highly of sunrui fgss about the smooth operation and excellent overall performance.

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for now, sunrui has adequate production and delivery ability of low-pressure, high-pressure and self-pressurized fgss, and be able to provide comprehensive solution and customized schemes according to the demand of our clients.