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5 5! bulk fgss order signed between sunrui and shenghua
2022-08-10 17:37:43

on august 9th, sunrui marine environment engineering co., ltd. (sunrui) held the signing ceremony of bulk fgss orders with lianyungang shenghua shipping repairing & building co., ltd.(shenghua) for 5 5 7380dwt dual fuel refueling vessels, in the presence of singfar international pte ltd (singfar) and rina.


the attendees included shenghua chairman of the board mr. pan sheng, the owner representative of singfar mr. bai hongwen, the general manager of rina in the chinese area mr. fan dehong, as well as the general manager of sunrui mr. fu hongtian.

the fgss signed in this contract shall be installed on the 7380dwt dual fuel refueling vessels ordered by the singaporean shipowner singfar; those vessels shall be served in the singapore waters after delivery.

this order indicated that the whole series of sunrui fgss products including low-pressure, high-pressure, self-pressurized, and pump-pressurized systems have been well recognized by well-known ship owners worldwide.


the general manager of sunrui mr. fu hongtian expressed his heartfelt appreciation to shenghua, singfar, and rina for the trust, and promised to provide the highest quality product and service with the greatest sincerity in return. mr. fu also hoped that this contract can serve as a great opportunity for extending further cooperation in future.


shenghua chairman of the board mr. pan sheng said, “fgss is one of the core systems of dual fuel vessel and it has been a demand for ship owners and shipyards to have a reliable, stable and trustworthy lng fgss partner. through multiple technical exchanges with sunrui and site visit to sunrui fgss land-based test facilities, we are expressed by their leading capabilities of design, production, supply, commissioning and service .”

in the field of marine lng fuel gas supply system (fgss), sunrui has mastered multiple core technologies including system principal design, lng tank design, cryogenic pipeline analysis, system analog simulation. sunrui has developed full range of fgss products including self-pressurized, low-pressure, high-pressure, and pump-pressurized systems for all types of lng powered vessels.

till now, sunrui has received bulk fgss orders from multiple well-known ship owners worldwide and her global presence in the fgss industry continues to grow. in future, sunrui shall continue to research in fgss and other alternative fuel solutions, provide reliable products and services to global customers, and promote a vigorous development in the field of marine clean energy.