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good news! sunrui undertakes the largest sacrificial anode cathodic protection project in china
2018-07-20 17:19:00

      on july 19, the signing ceremony of sacrificial anode cathodic protection project for all bid packages of shenzhen―zhongshan bridge undersea tunnel project was held at guangzhou shipyard international and huangpu wenchong shipyard. qingdao sunrui marine environment engineering co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as sunrui) won the bid. the total contract amount of the cathodic protection project is nearly rmb 180 million, which is by far the largest sacrificial anode cathodic protection contract in china.


      main leaders attended the ceremony, including wang qihong, the deputy director of no.725 research institute of csic and the director of sunrui; fu hongtian, the general manager of sunrui; guo xiaohui, the deputy director of marketing department of no.725 research institute of csic; yu jiangshui, the deputy managing director of sunrui; the owner and the general contractor, etc. on the signing ceremony, the deputy director wang qihong said that, through successfully winning the bid for the project, the overall strength of no.725 research institute on the research of materials has been fully demonstrated, and the outstanding strength of sunrui in the field of cathodic protection has also been demonstrated. the deputy director expressed thanks to the owner and the general contractor for their trust. sunrui would be strict in quality, and make efforts to develop the project into a demonstration project and high-quality goods project.

      shenzhen―zhongshan bridge project is a world-class cluster project with "bridge, island, tunnel and underground communication", as well as a major project in "the 13th five-year plan" of china. the project has complex working environment, ultra-long design life (more than 100 years), is one of the projects that are the most difficult in technology at present, and is also very strict in cathodic protection technology and product requirements. adhering to the customer-centric service concept, sunrui gives full play to the comprehensive strength of research and development, design, production and project general contracting. on the basis of a large number of tests over two years, sunrui focuses on stably upgrading the sacrificial anode chemical composition and electrochemical performance thereof, screening the sacrificial anode that is most suitable for the project, breaking through the traditional sacrificial anode design algorithm, and making full use of computer simulation for quantitative assessment on the protection state of each part of the undersea steel shell tunnel, accurate simulation and verification of use conditions and protection life. in addition, sunrui is the first company that proposed the concept of intelligent installation in china, and has built a set of perfect construction technology and special equipment for intelligent installation, which can effectively improve the anode installation efficiency and cathodic protection effect, and has been eventually favored by the owner.

      the signing of the project marks that after the donghai bridge project, sunrui will escort a world-class project once again, which consolidates the leading position of sunrui in the cathodic protection industry. as a high and new technology enterprise with more than 50 years of cathodic protection technology accumulation, sunrui will keep improving and continuous innovation, and provide more complete and reliable overall solution of corrosion control for the general customers.