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sunrui hpscr system obtained type approval certificates from dnvgl、ccs、lr class successfully
2018-02-09 11:07:00



after the mdtman diesel &turbo first time approval certificate was issued and four sets of scr systems were ordered by 64000dwt wood chip ships of bsic, dnvgl, ccs and lr classification societies have issued the type approval certificates for vessel high pressure scr system developed by sunrui marine environment engineering co.,ltd (hereinafter referred to as sunrui) recently, what broadens the development path to the scr products promotion and new economic growth point.


the high-pressure scr system has the advantages of compact structure, high degree of automation ,good anti-vibration and excellent catalytic efficiency, which can fully meet the imo emission regulations and the requirements of both engine maker and class. until now, the serialization and standardization has been achieved for the high-pressure scr system including 13 type products, which could be fitted on the engine with the power of not more than 40mw.


to continuously improve marine environment by science technology and innovation, it is the philosophy that sunrui has been following, who continues to be devoted to the marine field of the environmental protection equipment and key equipment. since balclor® ballast water management system industrialized in the marine market, sunrui has successfully developed scr series products with independent intellectual property, which can be suit for the low and middle speed diesel engines. sunrui has also held the most certificates approved by engine maker and three class in domestic, which fully demonstrate the world's leading technology strength and core competitiveness of the sunrui vessel scr system for providing the customers with the advanced and reliable comprehensive solution of the vessel exhaust treatment.